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Empowering People and Businesses


let's create your extraordinary life and business

Creating individualized strategies to achieve extraordinary results



One on one meetings with me, Rena Huber.


Using my experience, expertise and unique insights,  I will help you find your path to personal and professional success. In targeted  meetings you and I will develop the goals, create the actions and maintain focus on your goals with new ideas, insight and intuition….

-strategic planning...the long view

-action plans...the next 30 days



-fresh perspective

-connections to resources

IDEAL option for

-Business Owners who want to grow their business,

-Individuals in career or life transition 

Business Consulting

I will create, with your input, a custom designed plan for your business to grow and meet impossible goals. With my expert review/analysis  of your business, you will receive recommendations for improvement and growth.

Using combo of interviews with the business owner and key leaders, and a review of existing business process and financial documents, a plan of action is designed and then implemented.

-Action plans, a template for goal achievement

-Specific Training and/or coaching  for leaders

-Meetings with business owners to assess and adapt as needed to continually improve and achieve.

IDEAL for business owners who want to grow their business, have an impossible goal and/or want to transition in some way. 

Intensive Planning sessions

I will design and facilitate an intensive and extended meeting to review the current situation and develop a plan of action to meet short and long term strategic goals.

-1/2 day, one day or  more, as needed/designed.

-Individuals, or teams

-Meeting pre-planning

-follow up, after the event to optimize integration of goals and actions

IDEAL for individuals and business owners who seek deep discussion and laser focus on their vision and life goals....followed with a plan of actions and resources needed to achieve these goals. 

AbouT Me

As an executive coach, business consultant, mentor, trainer, community collaborator and connector, I help my clients achieve extraordinary results in their lives, careers and business.
I have personally worked with more than 300 CEOs in the Phoenix area to reach and exceed their goals and dreams. Many of these individuals and company leaders have reached amazing results and become leaders in their companies, lives and communities The organizations and programs I have led and/or supported have impacted hundreds more.
As a Life and Business Strategist/coach I have a passion for making a difference and having an impact in the lives of my clients via team and individualized coaching. I provide leadership training, group facilitation and speaking options, as requested.

My area of expertise is a penetrating analysis and laser focus on key issues to create an effective and powerful strategic plan with action steps to accomplish these goals.
I use my experience and insights to make quick assessments of core problems to cut through the static to discover key issues. My prior roles working with large and small business has been a key and unique combo to design life and business strategies that brings success and real results. 

I am a community collaborator, connector and a great relationship builder. I have cultivated a huge, deep and impactful network and knowledge of the programs, individuals and resources that can impact the success of my clients.
I have a steadfast dedication to helping my consulting clients with all aspects of their business including strategic planning, goal setting and operational efficiency. I LOVE knowing I am making an impact in the lives my clients!
Specialties: Implementable Action Plans, Strategic Thinking, Coaching, Goal Setting, Business Development, Leadership Development, Intensive Retreats for individuals and Teams, Negotiation, Supplier Development, Mentoring, Volunteer Recruitment and Placement, Team Building, Community Outreach, Group Facilitation



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