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Birth of the RenaHuberConsulting Blog

The time has come for me to put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard and blog.

I have thought of this for some time. I have had many folks suggest a blog. I have hesitated since I did not want to fail, whatever that means. I also wanted my blog to be epic, to mean something. In the end, I have done nothing but think a lot and procrastinate a lot and ponder on the perfect blog a lot. The result is NO blog, no reaching out, no sharing of my thoughts and experience that may help someone.

And this is exactly what I tell my clients and friends not to do.

--Do not wait to be perfect.

--Do not wait till all the stars align.

--Do not be afraid to fail.

--Do not take a risk.

I will do what I encourage others to do.....

--Do reach out,

--Do try new things,

--Do be true to your inner guide and the counsel of trusted folks in your circle.

So I commit to sending some thoughts, ideas or insights at least once a week..

I will trust that the universe and social media mechanics will send this to those that need/want to see/hear/feel these thoughts.

I welcome your input and feedback..


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